Gardner Fire Protection

Gardner Fire Protection


Engineering and Design

Gardner Fire Protection employs a team of in house NICET certified designers. GFP is fully capable of providing hazard analysis, code interpretation, hydraulic analysis, and fire protection design services for all types and needs.

Commercial / Industrial Construction

Gardner Fire Protection offers installation and renovation of all water based fire suppression systems for both existing and new facilities of all occupancy types. GFP is experienced in tenant build-outs or remodeling, tenant improvements, system upgrades, and retro-fit installations in existing facilities.

Gardner Fire Protection professionals work with you every step of the way-from the initial design stage through planning and installation.

Residential Construction 13R & 13D

Installing a residential fire sprinkler system in a new or an existing home will protect the people who live in the home and their belongings. Most home owners can receive insurance discounts when they take the important step to protect their homes with a fire sprinkler system.

Whether you're a builder or homeowner, Garner Fire Protection residential fire protection team offers trained professionals to meet your every need. Our expert advisors will explain the most current fire protection technology and options along with reviewing the installation process with you.

Inspection / Testing / Maintenance

Gardner offers complete inspection and testing services as specified by NFPA and other regulatory bodies. These services include inspection and testing of;

» Wet Fire Sprinkler Systems
» Dry Pipe Fire Sprinkler Systems
» Preaction / Special Hazard Systems
» Antifreeze Systems
» Fire Pumps
» Jockey Pumps
» Standpipe Systems
» Backflow Testing

Gardner Fire Protection can also coordinate with our valued partners in the fire protection industry (alarms, extinguishers, and hood / range systems) to develop very competitive "one-stop shop" option for our customers.

Underground Fire Main

What We Do:
Gardner Fire Protection offers licensed & permitted solutions & services for all underground fire main primary installations, repair, maintenance, & alterations. We also offer with our services, complementary value engineering ideas to reduce long term cost for the customer and/or owner.

Simply Put:

» Tapping sleeves & valves (Connection)
» Road & structure bores (cased & uncased)
» Backflow preventor installations (ALL Types)
» Meter installations (ALL Types)

» Underground water lines (ALL Types)
» Private Fire Hydrants
» Dry Hydrants
» Testing

» Repairs
» Additions
» Modifications

24 Hour Emergency Service

24 Hr Emergency Service
Gardner Fire Protection will always be there for you with 24 Hour Emergency Service.
Our 24 Hour Number is (317) 894-8600